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Médicii Laboratories is owned and operated by pharmacists to provide convenient and affordable access to compounding medicines. You can be sure of uncompromising convenience backed by expert advice and experience you can trust.

Our emphasis on personalised healthcare is to provide better health outcomes with the lowest risk of adverse effects. You can purchase through our website, call centre or your GP also fax your prescription on your behalf.


Why do we have a special interest on rural health and men's health?

Poorer health prognosis is ubiquitously evident amongst Australian men and this epidemic is magnified by a larger male workforce in remote communities. Having lived in a rural town for almost twenty years, we have experienced this first hand and understand the challenges Australians face in remote areas.


"The data on Australian men's health show higher rates of substance abuse, higher rates of suicide, and higher rates of mental health problems."


Reports have also found that Australian men visit their GP less frequently, and their consultation time is shorter. Often, the condition is already in its advanced stage by the time it is detected.


Why is this the case?


For most men, asking for help is a sign of weakness. 


"She'll be right mate ... " 


... For others, it is due to a lack of time, engagement in more risky behaviours and financial constraints. 


Who are we? 

Médicii Laboratories is a pharmacist lead organisation with a team of experts each contributing valuable expertise in their area of interest. 

Médicii Laboratories is approved as an Australian registered pharmacy specialising in compounding medicines. All compounding prescriptions are prepared by accredited pharmacists and comply with regulations governed by the Therapeutics Goods Administration and the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

Our pharmacists are Australian-registered and must undertake additional specialised training to compound medicines. We also have an unassailable interest in pharmaceutical formulations so you are in good hands.

Our Promise 

We believe everyone should have timely access to quality healthcare customised to their unique needs and goals. Our team is dedicated to improving men's health with innovative solutions that are effective, efficient and affordable. Quality use of medicine and preventative health are always our first priority.


online compounding pharmacy